H2 Academic Solutions

H2 Academic Solutions is a youth inspired center located in Belen that specializes in educational help including homework help, intervention and acceleration tutoring, small group classes, Intensive Reading Program, STEAM camps, and other camps. It also houses a Restorative Justice Program, Reception Assessment Center, and Botvin Lifeskills.

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$ 95.00

Standard Tuition

Starting cost of tutoring is $95 a month plus tax for 4 hours a month. Price is cheaper per hour the more hours you add.


Intensive Reading

The Intensive Reading Program runs year round for 4 hours a week and throughout the summer for 15 hours a week (summer prices are different). This program teaches students to read, handwriting, and spelling.


Special Programs

Our Restorative Justice, Reception Assessment Centers, and Botvin Lifeskills are free to all qualifying youth ages 10-17.

Don't hesitate to contact us

Contact us here:

Phone: 505-453-3621
Email: director@h2academicsolutions.com


506 Becker Ave
Belen, NM 87002


Email: director@h2academicsolutions.com                    
Phone : 505-453-3621                    
Phone: 505-388-3547